An intelligent urban distribution pilot for Brussels

14 October 2014

LaMiLo partner, Brussels Mobility, together with a consortium led by CityDepot and TRI-VIZOR, has officially launched a pilot on Friday to trial a new solution for creating a more flexible, efficient and sustainable delivery service to retailers. This will help reduce the impact of emissions caused by freight deliveries in local neighbourhoods.

“It’s a win-win situation!” said the Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and the Minister for Mobility Pascal Smet. “Less lorries means less congestion. The quality of life for the residents of Brussels will be improved, and participating retailers will be able to benefit from increased efficiency”. The intelligent urban distribution in the Brussels Capital Region idea came from the LaMiLo project.

Truck delivery “The so called ‘Last Mile’, the last stage of freight deliveries, will make a difference”, said the Brussels Minister for mobility and public works, Pascal Smet. “If we succeed in combining our efforts and in reducing the number of deliveries to the city centre carried out by heavy goods vehicles, we will reduce road congestion as well as pollution. Moreover, the quality of life in the city will improve greatly.

“The achievement of efficient and sustainable freight deliveries in our Region is crucial if we want to improve the quality of life for the residents of Brussels. The increase in the use of waterways for freight deliveries, the concentration of logistics activities in the Schaerbeek Formation site and the strategic implementation of urban distribution centres will help to redefine intelligent freight transport at a regional level. The LaMiLo project represents a step in the right direction”, added the Minister-President of the Brussels Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort.

CityDepot, a goods distribution company which has been operating in Hasselt since March 2012, offers an innovative distribution model in a number of Belgian cities.

“We rely on our experience, collaborating with local authorities and retailers to launch a service which fits the definition of intelligent urban distribution” explains Marc Schepers, the Director of CityDepot.

By receiving the freight on behalf of the retailers, delivering the goods to them, and centralising the delivery point to a single site, the pilot will explore a solution that is secure, sustainable and made to measure, and that is beneficial to retailers, local authorities within the region and beyond.

The pilot will run until March 2015. Should this be a successful, viable option, the urban distribution centre will become a permanent live operation.


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