Cross River Partnership (UK)

Cross River Partnership (CRP) is a public-private partnership that has been delivering regeneration projects in London since 1994. Originally formed to deliver cross-river infrastructure projects such as the Millenium Bridge and the Golden Jubilee Footbridges, Cross River Partnership has since diversified to deliver a wide range of cross-borough regeneration projects.

Aims and Objectives

CRP is currently delivering a range of regeneration programmes in the central London sub-region, which each contribute to the achievement of one or more of these objectives.

Cross River Partnership’s objectives are to create the conditions for, and to contribute to the delivery of:

  • Economic Growth

  • Sustainable Employment

  • Carbon Reduction

  • Quality Place-Making

CRP develops, fundraises for and delivers programmes that add value at a sub-regional level to the individual activities of its public and private partners.


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