Eco2City (NL)

Eco2City The foundation was established in June 2008 with the aim of improving the environment by reducing vehicle movements in urban areas. The Foundation achieves this goal by developing new concepts for sustainable urban supply. Eco2city has developed the concept ‘Binnenstadservice’ (BS) in the Netherlands. BS organises collective warehouses at the edge of inner cities. Retailers in the inner city use these warehouses as their delivery address. To make this concept both financially and ecologically sustainable, the involvement of both the local retailer and supplier (shipper) is required.

Approximately 40% of the suppliers (shippers) have their headquarters outside of the Netherlands, which is why a European booking system is required. A system that gives shippers insight into the effects of making use of the ‘BS’ way to deal with the last mile of deliveries. A system that supports shippers to make a sustainable decision towards the last mile.

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