Establishing baseline sustainability indicators


Identifying which sustainability indicators will be measured in the project, and setting baselines from which to measure the impact of the project demonstrators, this activity will focus on the environmental and economic effects of last mile logistics. Looking at the demonstrator cities, it is expected that the project will gather data on:

  • The number of sustainable vehicles currently used for last mile deliveries
  • Tonnage of goods delivered by low carbon transport
  • Ratio of items delivered to the number of vehicles used
  • Proportion of failed first time deliveries
  • Current CO₂ emissions.

The project demonstrators will be evaluated against sustainability indicators to demonstrate their impacts and the economic and environmental benefits of sustainable last mile logistics solutions.


With the collaboration of the LaMiLo partners, Tudor were able to draw a shortlist of 25 common indicators to be used for the six project pilots. The indicators cover social, economic and environmental aspects.

Tudor then proceeded to draft the guidelines for the data collection. These were circulated to partners in early 2014. The Camden demonstrator was the first of the LaMiLo pilots to start the data collection exercise. The same was carried out for the remaining pilots for a period of 6 months, after which time Tudor analysed the data and developed a report based on their findings.

For more information on the sustainability indicators being measured for the LaMiLo project, please contact Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST).


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