London Camden

Using a central hub to consolidate deliveries of goods for the public sector across London

The demonstrator will gather benchmark data for public sector deliveries in the London Borough of Camden, procure a consolidation centre provider to run a concept trial, and use the results of the trial to create a business case to establish a consolidation centre for Camden, other London Borough Councils, public bodies and private sector businesses across London.


Following a benchmark data gathering exercise for public sector deliveries in the London Borough of Camden, a provider was procured to run a concept trial of a consolidation centre.

The trial started on 13 January 2014 with four suppliers of cleaning products and stationery delivering to the warehouse which is ideally located just off the North Circular Road. Here the goods are consolidated for delivery to 300 council buildings in the boroughs of Camden, and its partners Enfield and Waltham. With the recent addition to the scheme of Islington Council, the area being covered by the consolidation service is 157km2 which is equivalent to 10% of London’s geography.

The consolidation centre is currently operated by DHL, who run two delivery trucks out to locations across the three boroughs. A second, more recent work stream consolidates deliveries to Camden’s new building in Pancras Square, which is restricted with only one loading bay to handle approximately 100 deliveries per week. The addition of the second work stream has resulted in 44 additional suppliers using the centre and an extended range of product categories.

Whilst the trial was scheduled to run until September 2014, the London Borough of Camden has recently extend the contract with DHL to April 2015.

The results of the trial are currently being utilised to create a business case that looks to assess the financial viability of the consolidation centre to continue on a long terms basis and its ability to deliver operational, financial, and environmental improvements.

Whilst the Business Case is pending, the partner has been able to observe a clear reduction in the number of vehicles delivering supplies to the boroughs, and a reduction in harmful emissions. They have also been able to demonstrate that behaviour change is both critical and achievable, and that end users are indeed receptive to change.



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