07-paris Reducing increased traffic flow in central Paris, France by using more sustainable means of transport

The pilot will test using the river Seine to deliver freight into central Paris, and electric cargo bikes to make the last mile delivery. New IT software will be developed to map both road and cycle routes, to maximise the efficiency of deliveries. The results will be captured for replicating across Europe.


The Green Link is currently implementing three separate work streams as part of the LaMiLo project.

The first work stream involves testing a new ICT system that is being developed with ATOS Worldline and that maps both road and cycle routes. The aim of the system is to optimise the calculation of routes taking into account specific bike accessibility (such as bike lanes) in Paris. This, in turn, will help to maximise the efficiency of deliveries. Twelve TGL messengers are involved in testing the software, inputting the data collected and optimising the routes. Further work is being undertaken for this trial and the results will be shared by the end of the project.

A number of TGL messengers are undertaking a parallel trial to the ICT software pilot. This involves using temperature controlled cargo bikes to deliver food in the city of Paris. The objective of the trial is to test different types of temperature controlled material, analysing the rate of temperature drop. Deliveries using these bikes have the potential to replace the standard refrigerated vehicles generally used for delivering temperature controlled goods.

The river to road trial has not yet started. Despite the existence of the required infrastructure, including a TGL hub by the river Seine, to date the lack of sufficient volumes has prevented the partner from undertaking a trial. The City of Paris is actively promoting multimodal logistics and focusing on river transportation. Should the volumes be secured, the hub located by the river would enable deliveries of parcels by boat to be transported to their destination, for the final mile, by electric bikes.

As a result of the work undertaken, the Green Link will produce a market analysis of good practice and the IT required for multi-modal logistics.


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