Promoting best practice in Brussels

31 January 2014

LaMiLo was promoted at the BESTFACT workshop, which focused on the growth of small scale solutions in urban freight and held in Brussels on 29 and 30 January 2014.

EU representatives, universities, private companies and local authorities came together to get the latest information on business solutions, markets, technology aspects and policy/regulatory frameworks related to urban last mile logistics.

The focus was to understand the future of sustained growth for business solutions, and whether in some cases the initiative has to remain at a small scale in order to be viable. A key factor to enable growth, besides the development of suitable and clean vehicles, is to develop ITC solutions to integrate the last mile deliveries more efficiently in the supply chain. ITC can in particular enable vehicle and logistics operators to understand the requirements of customer and logistics providers.

A priority for the public sector should include a coordinated strategy on local freight at European, National and Regional level. Local authorities must play an active role in supporting the growth of urban green solutions, with long term strategies, and develop policies to respond to challenges of green solutions during the last mile, while also limiting the impact on private sector operations. Local authorities need to fully understand and develop regulatory policies that support these objectives and aims whilst not strangling the industry.

The day also included a presentation by LaMiLo partner The Green Link (TGL) on the approaches in combining green urban freight, with increasing e-commerce for specific delivery options in Paris. TGL also mentioned that they are in discussion with the City of Paris to create a common agreement to facilitate green deliveries, taking from the best practices from other European cities.

LaMiLo explores tools and mechanisms to facilitate public and private sector decision making. One of the aims of the project is to address and overcome the regulatory and planning obstacles faced by the industry. An example of LaMiLo work was presented at the workshop by Christophe de Voghel form the Brussels Region who presented the new Brussels Region Freight Plan.

For more information on the BESTFACT, please click here.


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