PTV Group (DE)

The corporate headquarters of PTV are situated in Karlsruhe (Germany). At present PTV has a workforce of about 500 employees. PTV offers a complete and integrated set of services covering all important problems for today’s and the future’s traffic and transport. The interdisciplinary working teams of PTV deal with complex planning tasks related to all transport systems, integrating information technology (IT), communication technology and geographical information systems (GIS). PTV is active in the product fields of Transport Logistics, Transport Telematics, Transport Planning, Public Transport, GeoMarketing and Infomobility but also engaged in research and development.

The Business Unit Transport Logistics deals with solutions for strategic and operational transport-, trip- and route planning for companies active in the fields of freight transport and fleet management. The range of services – based on interactive solutions using GIS functionality – comprises the fleet management, mobile communication, trip planning, route planning, load optimisation, distance matrix, and vehicle scheduling and operation planning. In addition, PTV built up considerable experience within the management of applied research projects both on national and European level, in particular within the areas of transport telematics, transport modelling, mobility and intermodal freight transport.

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