Public sector influencing

Investigating how industry regulations currently affect innovation and collaboration in the logistics sector, the project will test models of community and business engagement to ensure the operational needs of sustainable last mile logistics are reflected in policy.


  • Review of local authority policies and regulations in each partner location, to understand the impact policy has on the operation of consolidation centres and last mile deliveries of goods to the public sector. This review will make recommendations to achieve a comprehensive, coordinated approach to public sector deliveries, specifically focusing on consolidation and last mile logistics
  • An assessment of the impacts of consolidation centre operations, including the effect on air quality, congestion and availability of kerb-side loading space
  • A feasibility study looking at how the use of consolidation centres can be linked to railway hubs to reduce the sustainability impact deliveries. This will be supported by the London Euston demonstrator
  • An assessment of consolidation centre use, working with retailers and end users. This will be supported by the ‘parcel address’ demonstrator in the Netherlands
  • A summary report on the impact of law, planning, transport regulation and market viability on last mile logistics in North West Europe. This report will be supported by best practice case studies illustrating how to overcome barriers that affect innovative last mile solutions
  • Creation of a web-based GIS platform, Smart City Logistics, which will allow freight transport to be mapped across urban areas and identify related emission, noise and environmental impact, pin-pointing optimal location areas for deliveries and allow the connection of traffic simulation models and distribution databases.

The deliverables of this activity will be used to inform regulatory bodies and legal entities on the current barrier faced by logistics companies, and influence them to take action to amend regulation at a national and regional level for more.

For more information, please contact the Cross River Partnership.

To see a list of policy measures click here.


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